Natural Resources Coins - La Quinua

Natural Resources Coins - La QuinuaNatural Resources Coins - La Quinua
Recursos Naturales del Perú

Natural Resources Coins - La Quinua
Natural Resources Coins - La Quinua

Coin Front & Back 

As part of the Numismatic Series "Natural Resources of Peru" this coin features the Quinua crop. The front of the coin shows a Quinua plant, a vessel with some seeds and also states its scientific name: Chenopodium Quinoa. As with all current 1 Nuevo Sol coins on the back you have the Peruvian Coat of Arms.

Nowadays called a "supercrop", Quinua played a vital role in the Andean diet for thousands of years. The origin of Quinua domestication appears to be located in the area around Lake Titicaca. It was an important staple food of the Incas who referred to Quinua as "mother of all grains". Small and bead-shaped, the ivory-colored quinoa cooks like rice (taking half the time of regular rice) and expands to around three times its original volume.

This coin is a legal tender and not thought to be a replacement for the current S /. 1.00 coins. It will circulate simultaneously and can be used in any transaction. Since 2010 there have been quite a number of collectible coins issued by the Central Reserve Bank of Peru with monetary value (see also the "Wealth and Pride of Peru" Numismatic Series).


Value: 1 Nuevo Sol (New Sun)
Front Image: Quinoa Plant & Seeeds
Back Image: Coat of Arms
Circulation Date: July 2013
Legal Tender: Yes
Size: 25.50 mm
Material: Nickel Silver
Color/s: Nickel Silver
Printer: Casa de la Moneda del Perú
Others: Maximum issue of 10,000,000 coins

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