5 Nuevos Soles Coin (since 2010)

5 Nuevos Soles Coin (since 2010)5 Nuevos Soles Coin (since 2010)

5 Nuevos Soles Coin (since 2010)
5 Nuevos Soles Coin (since 2010)

Coin Front & Back

On the 6th of October 2010 the Central Reserve Bank of Peru has issued a new 5 Nuevos Soles coin with some design changes. Both versions of the coin (old and new) are legal tender but slowly the new type should be replacing the previous one. The new 5 Nuevo Soles coin is also made (as its predecessor) from different metals: The core of the coin is made of copper, aluminum and nickel whereby the outer ring is made of stainless steel. The main image on the front of the coin is a Frigate Bird belonging to the famous Nazca lines (pre-Columbian geoglyphs) located in the arid coastal plains in southern Peru. The front of the coin also features a horizontal ribbon with a pre-Columbian design (top), the value of the coin as number "5" (overlapping the core and outer ring), the writings "NUEVOS" (core, partially overlapping the outer ring) and "SOLES" (outer ring) on top of a section with vertical lines.

All these new features and fine details have been implemented to prevent the easy counterfeiting (unfortunately there are quite a lot of counterfeit soles coins in circulation – of the previous 2's and 5's). The back remains unchanged and also shows the Coat of Arms of Peru, the writing "BANCO CENTRAL DE RESERVA PERU" (Central Reserve Bank of Peru) and the year of issue.


Value: 5 Nuevos Soles (New Suns)
Front Image: Frigate Bird from the Nazca lines
Back Image: Peruvian Coat of Arms
Circulation Date: October 2010
Legal Tender: Yes
Size: 24.38 mm
Material: bimetallic
Color/s: Aluminium / Brass
Others: The coin has a continuously grooved rim

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