ATM's - Credit Cards - Travelers Cheques

ATM's - Credit Cards - Travelers ChequesATM's - Credit Cards - Travelers Cheques
The most common Credit Cards sare accepted nearly everywhere in Lima

Credit Cards in Lima

Credit cards come very handy. All well known international credit cards (just known as "tarjetas") are accepted nearly everywhere in Lima. You can pay with your "tarjeta" in hotels, restaurants, shops, supermarkets... Make sure you have your ID or passport with you. One tip: don't give your credit card to anyone unless you can watch closely what they are doing with it. If for example the waiter in a restaurant doesn't bring this little machine to your table, better follow him to where they have it.

Where your credit card goes, you do as well!

For paying your taxi, entrance fees for example to museums, paying in small shops or markets you need cash (coins or notes in small nominations!). With your credit card you can withdraw money (Soles or US Dollar) at one of the countless ATM's in Lima. Please check with your local bank / credit card provider what fees you have to expect when withdrawing money in Peru. Sometimes they are ridicules. At most ATM's you can change the language from Spanish to English, German or French. So you don't need any help from locals in case your Spanish isn't that good.

Don't forget the usual safety precautions: Don't write down your PIN Number anywhere and when withdrawing money don't let anybody look over your shoulder while entering the PIN.

ATM's in Lima

We recommend using guarded ATM's only and preferably inside buildings / banks at daytime. Don't withdraw money at night. Most ATM's aren't guarded by police or security companies at night and therefore an increasing number of locals and tourists have been mugged when withdrawing cash at this time. Sometimes it's only possible to withdraw US$ 100 or US$ 200 or the equivalent in Soles. This has nothing to do with your actual limit on your card, but with the precautions of some banks here in Peru.

Travelers Cheques in Lima

Traveling brings along that you need money. Taking cash with you in large amounts is dangerous. Normally everybody would recommend bringing travelers cheques along. Even if they are safe and can be cashed at least in Lima you have to expect very high fees and a bad exchange rate.

Lost / Stolen Credit Card

Despite all precautions, if your credit card gets stolen or you lose it, cancel it immediately (Make sure to check the correct phone number with your provider at home)! Most credit card companies have offices or local representatives in Lima (these are the most common ones as well)

Credit Card Companies in Lima

American Express
Master Card
  • The local Representative is a company called Procesos MC Peru
  • Calle Porta 111
  • 6th floor, Miraflores
  • Phone (+511) 213-0800
  • Website: (Spanish)
Diners Club
  • Canaval y Moreyra 535, San Isidro
  • Av. La Encalada 928, Surco
  • Phone 0800 1 4990
  • Phone (+511) 615-1111 (24h)
  • Website: (Spanish)


#bill2015-04-06 18:26
Do most ATMs in Tourist areas give USD as well as SOL?
Can you get cash out when doing an eftpos purchase. Say you buy USD$20 in a supermarket, can they add another $50 USD onto it and give you this as cash?
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#talia-LimaEasy2015-04-06 18:48
Hello Bill, there are ATM where you can take USD and Sol, you just have to look for the signs. Also, there are limited places to pay with USD, and with limited bills, some of them only accept up to USD 20.00 or USD 50.00, and even less gives back USD for change.
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#jacqueline2015-08-18 14:57
What type of credit card would you recommend? Mastercard or Visa, or are both widely accepted?
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#talia - Limaeasy2015-08-20 10:44
Visa is more accepted than Mastercard.
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#BJ2015-09-08 15:24
Talia - Limaeasy
Thank you for the incredible information you have on the website. My question is about the ATMs in the airport. Is it considered "safe" to withdraw money from airport ATMs?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#talia - Limaeasy2015-09-08 23:08
Hello BJ, it is safe, but make sure you get a safe place to keep it.
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#Barbara2016-02-12 13:10
Can you use a preloaded via card in Peru? Lost my bank debit card and replacement seems to be lost in the mail.
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#Connie2016-02-24 14:43
I see Visa is more accepted than MasterCard. Should I assume I might as well leave my Discover card at home?
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