Moriche Palm Fruit


Moriche palm trees are native to the tropical Amazon regions of Peru. The palm fruits, which are called Aguaje in Peru, have a reddish-purple-brown tough skin with a texture similar to a pineapple. Beneath the skin is a thin layer of a firm, yellowish-orange pulp which covers a large seed. Agauje is eaten raw, in desserts or used to make juices, jams, ice-cream and an alcoholic beverage.

The pulp of aguajes is extremely rich in essential fatty acids and has a high Vitamin a and C content. The oil extracted from the Moriche Palm fruit is called Buriti. In the local medicine it's used to treat burns.


#Ciana2014-08-10 16:37
Can i purchase the aguaje fruit from peru? I am from the United States and I am interested in eating the actual fruit.
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#Eva - Editor2014-08-10 22:33
We are located here in Lima, Peru and honestly I don't know where in the US you would be able to find fresh Aguaje; probably Peruvian or Latin American shops or a market that sells exotic fruits? What you can find online are capsules with Moriche palm fruit extract and of course Buriti oil / cosmetics.
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