Metropolitano Bus in Lima

Metropolitano Bus in LimaMetropolitano Bus in Lima
Gas Powered Bus System

Metropolitano Bus in Lima
Metropolitano Bus in Lima

The chaotic situation of transporting the masses in Peru's capital finally led to plans creating a real public transport system for Lima's citizens. After many delays the new Metropolitano was inaugurated in 2010. Since then gas powered articulated buses circulate on special bus lanes that are partitioned off the normal road, finally giving Lima a mass transit system comparable with the Bus Rapid Transit. Until now only one route is finished. This first route connects Chorrillos in the south via Barranco, Miraflores, San Isidro and Lince with the City Center and further with Independencia and Comas in the north. More routes are in planning, but as usual in Lima and Peru too many people with too many different interests are involved and the inauguration and expansion plans of Lima's Metro with partly similar routes doesn't make the situation easier.

Anyway the Metropolitano is for people being used to riding on a micro a great improvement. Buses are new, clean and comfortable, along the route you find modern platform style bus stops, buses arrive on time and don't have to spend ages in Lima's traffic jams. The travel times are easily cut in half when using the Metropolitano. Additionally all plattforms and buses are accesible for wheelchairs. Only setback: even though every 5 minutes a bus arrives at the bus stop, the vehicles are often packed and that not only during rush hours.


The Metropolitano is a public mass transportation system operating since 2010 in Lima using gas powered buses

Getting a ticket

For using the Metropolitano buy a rechargeable "tarjeta" at vending machine located at every station. 

Automatic payment

Just hold your rechargeable card in front of this reader and the amount for your fare is deducted.

Metropolitano bus station

Ricardo Palma Station of the Metropolitano in Miraflores 

Bus station in San Isidro

2 storey bus station of the Metropolitano in San Isidro

How to use Lima's Metropolitano

Using Lima's Metropolitano bus is really simple. It starts (or ends) in Chorrillos in the south at Matellini Station and runs along Prolongación del Paseo de la República, Av. Escuela Militar, Av. Bolognesi and the Via Expresa del Paseo de la República to Plaza Grau in the city center. Here the route splits into two: one bypasses the city center along Jr. Lampa, the other one follows  Av. España to Av. Alfonso Ugarte. Both tracks reunite at Plaza Castilla and continue along Av. Caquete and Av. Tupac Amaru to the last stop at Naranjal Station in Independencia.

You pay for your ride with a rechargeable, electronic card. The so called "tarjeta" can be purchased for S/. 4.50 at vending machines at every station and recharged there as well (make sure you have the right amount for the card and the amount you want to load onto the card in your pocket as the machines don't give change!). At the moment the price for a ride is S/. 1.50 for adults no matter how far you go. Students pay half, but need to apply for a special card at one of the customer service centers at the Matellini or Naranjal Station with their DNI, students ID and a payment slip of the Banco Continental for the card fee.


The Metropolitano circulates on special bus lanes that are partitioned off the normal road.

Regular services of the Metropolitano

Overview of the regular services of the Metropolitano

Express services of the Metropolitano

Overview of the express services of the Metropolitano

Metropolitano bus

The interior of the Metropolitano buses

Central Station of Metropolitano

The Central Station was built underground.

Buses run daily from 05.30 am to 11.00 pm and arrive at the bus stops about every 5 to 10 minutes. By now two regular services stopping at all bus stops (servicio regular A and B) and one regular service operating only between the center and Barranco at special times (servicio regular C) run along the route. Have a look at the regular routes at this link to get an overview. Additionally there are four express (servicio expreso 1 to 4) and one super express service (servicio super expreso) operating only at special times and days and stopping only at designated bus stops. An overview of the express services can be found under this link.

General Info

Street: office at Jr. Cuzco 286
District: City Center
City: Lima
Region: Lima
Phone: (+511) 203-9000

Visitors Details

Opening Hours: Buses run from 05.20 am to 11.00 pm


#Ron Brehton2013-09-16 22:24
Is there a map available anywhere showing the routes and stations? There is none at the Metropolitano website. It certainly would help to know what streets we'll be traveling on and what streets we'll be crossing. Thank you very much.
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#Eva - Editor2013-09-17 20:38
Yes, on the Metropolitano website you only find maps indicating the streets the bus is driving on and the names of the stations. When I understood correctly you are actually looking for a Lima street map that shows as well the route of the Metropolitano. Have a look at this link (""). Under "Escoge las rutas" on the left click on "Metro" (third column the last one), wait and the route on the map shows up.
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#Franz2015-04-17 10:00
As of today, it appears some hacker has hijacked and it poses a security risk. Just a warning to anyone who doesn't have reliable security and antivirus protection on their PC.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Sandy2016-01-26 15:45
Hello Franz, has the security risk with the been resolved as of January 2016?
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#James David Audlin2016-02-14 18:25
The website doesn't work. Do you know of a source on the internet where I can see the actual stops available by the Metropolitano? ¡Gracias por su ayudar! (Somos panameños.)
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Ron Brehton2013-09-17 23:58
Hello Eva, thanks for the link. The route maps are great. I hope you can post the link on your website for easy reference.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Ann2013-11-23 20:23
I will be in Lima during New Years and I am wondering if the Metropolitano shuts down or has limited hours for 31 December or 1 January. Thanks!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Eva - Editor2013-11-23 22:28
I couldn't find out any special hours for New Years; in case they will have them, they will only be announced a week or so before. So for now I assume they run on their normal pubic holiday schedule: 05.30 am to 23.00 pm only regular service.
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#palacio2014-12-13 03:40
Sil vous plait, pouvez-vous m'envoyer par e-mail le guide "My transit guide" car je n'arrive pas à le télécharger sur votre site.
Si possible en français
Merci d'avance
Amicales salutations
D. Palacio
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#Kevin Saldana2015-04-01 14:07
Hello is there an estimate of how much the construction of the bus route came to be?
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#Talía-LimaEasy2015-04-02 22:03
Hello Kevin, we are just a mere information and refference site. Im sorry, but we don´t have that information in our hands.
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#Meagen2015-08-06 02:07
Is this the type of bus that goes to the airport? And where and to which route must you transfer to reach San Isidro? Transfers are free?

Also I have an international flight at 7am Sunday. What are possible ways safe I can arrive on time, and prices? Was thinking to go dancing Sat & get an airport cab! (if they let me stow small luggage in the club!haha)

Im open to any ideas
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#talia - Limaeasy2015-08-07 16:50
Hello Meagen, this bus doesn't go to the airport. The safest way to get in and out of it is an airport taxi.
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#David2015-11-09 09:22
At the moment the cost of a ride for an adult is S/. 2.50!
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