Car Rentals in Lima

Car Rentals in LimaCar Rentals in Lima

Before renting a car in Lima we would highly recommend reflecting about the need of it. Sure if you are planning to travel through Peru a car gives you more freedom and flexibility, but driving in Peru and especially in Lima is quite different from what you are used to. You can get around Lima easily and cheaply by taxi without having to stand your ground and compete against other reckless drivers that seem not to follow any of the traffic rules you know from home. And for all those who wish to get around in Peru: Distances are far and flying is surely less risky, quicker and calculating rental costs, insurance, gas and mileage, probably even less expensive than driving on your own.

Renting a Car in Lima

When you decide on renting a car, we advise against picking up the vehicle at the airport. After a long and tiring flight, probably without knowing where exactly you have to go, Lima's traffic is more than a challenge even for experienced drivers. So better take a taxi to your hotel or arrange a pick up. All bigger rental car companies have branches in Lima's upper class districts or bring the car to your hotel.

We recommend only renting a car from one of the numerous large international companies. Their cars are normally well maintained and they stick to agreed prices. Anyhow check your contract for hidden charges, insurance and extra mileage costs; and don't forget to read the fine print. Some companies have strict limits where their cars are allowed to be driven. Advisable also to check your car on delivery: existing scratches and dents should be noted, a first aid kit is obligatory and just in case you need it, have a look at the spare tire and make sure it's in good condition and fits. Rental car companies located in Lima include Avis, Budget, Dollar Rent a Car, Hertz and Sixt.

Requirements for renting a Car in Lima

For renting a car in Lima most rental car companies require a minimum age of the driver of 23 to 25 years (younger drivers have to expect additional fees), a credit card, a valid international driver's license for tourists and a passport.


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What a valid international drivers license mean ?
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#craig ervine2015-03-13 00:34
While the costs of car rentals during the United states of america have fallen down around the month of February, it's once again elevated throughout June on account of summer vacation. Quite often longer time period contracts are made in these periods. Today, as a result of the rise in the cost of get, rental organisations are not attaining a lot of gain in their discount rates.
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