Homeopathic & Alternative Medicine

Homeopathic & Alternative Medicine

Peru has one of the largest bio diversities of the world. It is home to around 25,000 plant species, 10% of the world total. Some 2000 plants in Peru are believed to have medical and pharmacological properties. Already early cultures in Peru used medicinal plants and herbs to prevent diseases and heal illnesses. This traditional knowledge of the wide variety of natural products and their use was passed on to modern times.

Today Peru offers a huge selection of natural medicines, nutritional supplements and cosmetics using only natural ingredients giving you a good alternative to mainstream medicine. Products can be found in supermarkets, pharmacies, shops specializing in natural medicine and care products and in numerous centers offering alternative and integrative medicine.

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Homeofarma is the oldest homeopathic pharmacy in Peru offering homeopathic dilutions according to Dr. Hahnemann, Bach and California Flowers, other medicinal plants and herbs, vitamins and minerals, organotherapeutic products, extracts and tinctures. They also prepare special dilutions, creams and ointments to your needs.


Homeoperú offers a wide range of natural products like vitamins, herbs, cosmetic creams, essences for aromatherapy, diabetic necessities, biological food and nutritional supplements. They are one of the best sorted pharmacies in Lima selling homeopathic dilutions according to Dr. Hahnemann, Bach and California Flowers as well as prepared creams and ointments.

Santa Natura

Santa Natura is probably one of the biggest manufacturers of natural medicine in Peru. Besides the sale of Peruvian natural remedies and natural care products, they offer as well massages, acupuncture, aromatic therapies and much more.

Rais Vida

Rais Vida is one of the leading companies on the Peruvian market developing and selling beauty, personal care, health and well-being natural products for men, women and children. They have an online store where you can order conveniently from home.


Fitosana offers natural products and nutritional supplements for all kind of small health problems (weight management, energizer, body care, allergies, relaxation and much more). The company was the first in Peru to cultivate and process 'noni', a French Polynesian fruit that is assumed to have preventive and healing effects for many diseases.


Kaita offers a wide range of natural products and nutrional supplements for health and beauty. The company is dedicated to carry on the long tradition of using medical plants in Peru strenghtening the body and healing illnesses. Their offer comprises of health, weight controll and beauty products. 

6 results - showing 1 - 6