Bolognesi Square

Bolognesi SquareBolognesi Square
Plaza Bolognesi

Bolognesi Square

The Plaza Bolognesi was constructed in 1906 and is dedicated to one of the many heroes of the Pacific War, Francisco Bolognesi, who lost his life next to a lot of loyal Peruvians during the Battle of Arica. The statue of Francisco Bolognesi in the middle of the circle was erected in 1954 (the original one from 1905 can be found in the Museo Historico Militar Real Felipe).

Unfortunately the surroundings of the "Plaza Bolognesi" are quite deteriorated. Nevertheless every year on the 7th of June, the anniversary of the disastrous end of the Battle of Arica, a big ceremony is held to safeguard the Peruvian flag and at the same time pay respect to all the lost lives.

General Info

Street: Av. Alsonso Ugarte, Av. Brasil and Av. Arica
Info: Start/End of Paseo Colon
District: City Center
City: Lima
Region: Lima

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