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Frequently we are getting inquiries about bookings and reservations, but LimaEasy itself does not offer these services. We publish the information for various providers to give you a good selection. For any specific questions about the services offered, please get in touch with them directly using their contact details.

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#Miguel Cortijo2014-12-14 13:46
saludos sr.Tim
Hoy lo visite en su casa de surco pero el vigilante del lugar me informo que se mudo desde el viernes, que lastima me hubiera gustado conversar con ud. y poder saludarlo por las fiestas. sr Tim si tiene un tiempo contactase con mi numero 992201103. saludos para ud. y su familia y una feliz navidad.
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#michael Goodman2016-12-18 14:30
I will be taking a flight from Buenos Aires To Orlando Fl which had a connection in Lime Peru. There is an 1hr and 5 min lay over. Do we need to go thru customs or will we just go to our connecting flight?
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#Talía-LimaEasy2016-12-20 16:40
Hello Michael, you don´t need to go through customs in Lima. Have a good flight.
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#Paul Kunkel2018-01-31 10:31
My name is Paul and I'm here in Lima until the end of February. Then going next to Ayacucho for the next project. I'm curious if you would have some volunteer work for me in February. Would be great to hear from you. Many thanks and greetings. Paul
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#Joseph2018-02-02 06:29
Good day

My wife and I are Indian passport holders with a ten year B/1 B/2 visa to the US. We would like to travel to Peru for tourism purposes and were told that there was a new law/decree since 2017 which says that we could travel to Peru without a visa. Could you please confirm this.
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