Wealth and Pride Coins - Piedra de Saywite

Wealth and Pride Coins - Piedra de SaywiteWealth and Pride Coins - Piedra de Saywite
8th Coin - Issued 21st of March 2012

Wealth and Pride Coins - Piedra de Saywite
Wealth and Pride Coins - Piedra de Saywite

Coin Front & Back

The 8th coin of the series, the "Piedra de Saywite" (Stone of Saywite), has been put into circulation on the 21st of March 2012. This amazing monolith is the highlight, but not the only attraction of the 2 ha archaeological site of Saywite located around 45 km from Abancay on the road to Cuzco. The site is regarded as an important center of religious worship focusing on water.

The Stone of Saywite is a granite block around two and a half meters high, 4 meters in diameter and 11m in circumference. It's assumed that it was "built" around the 15th century or even earlier during the Inca reign. On the top part of the Piedra de Saywite over 200 hundred figures are carved into the stone using the reliefs and natural depressions of the stone. The carvings include mountains, farming terraces, channels, plains, human constructions, people and different animals.

Stone of Saywite

The Stone of Saywite is a granit block with over 200 figures carved into it.

Piedra de Saywite

Detailed carvings of stairs and houses on the Stone of Saywite

Archaeological Site of Saywite

At the archaeological site of Saywite are remains of an Incan settlement and religious center.

Stone Carvings at Saywite

Not only the Stone of Saywite leaves lots of questions open, but also other stone carvings on the archaeological site.

Stone wall at Saywite

Remains of an Incan settlement at the archaeological site of Saywite

Until now it's not known which use the stone had. But being part of an ancient ceremonial center some archaeologists believe it's likely the mysterious monolith had a religious significance. It might be using the water cult a symbolic representation of the Incan universe which was divided in three levels: the Hanan Pacha (the upper world inhabited by the superior gods), the Kay Pacha (the world of our everyday existence) and the Ucu Pacha (the underworld inhabited by spirits of the dead, the ancestors, their overlords and various deities having close contact to the Earth plane). Others believe the Stone of Saywite was kind of a plan or served as a model for the Incan architects.


The back of the coin shows in the center part the Peruvian Coat of Arms surrounded by the writing Central Reserve Bank of Peru (Banco Central de Reserva del Perú) and the year of issue. This side of the coin is nearly identical to the previous issued S /. 1.00 coins that have been in circulation.


Value: 1 Nuevo Sol (New Sun)
Front Image: Stone of Saywite
Back Image: Peruvian Coat of Arms
Circulation Date: 21st of March 2012
Legal Tender: Yes
Size: 25.5mm
Material: Nickel Silver
Color/s: Nickel Silver
Others: Maximum issue 10,000,000

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