Stay Connected - Mail & Media

Stay Connected - Mail & Media

Staying connected and getting informed in Lima is really easy. Peru has a varied press, numerous interesting and entertaining radio stations and various state and privately owned television channels. With the introduction of satellite and cable TV in Peru around 150 international TV channels including HD transmissions can be received.

Modern technology as well brought the internet with all its possibilities of additional information sources and social networks. Thousands of Internet Cafes are spread around town. A few municipalities in Lima offer Wi-Fi at some public place, so do an increasing number of cafes, malls and hotels. The cellphone market including smartphones and Blackberry is booming, the coverage in Lima is excellent.

And for those wanting to stay connected the traditional way, Peru's postal service is at least in Lima better than its reputation and for really important stuff there are a few courier services.

Peruvian Postal Service

Peruvian Postal Service

The national Peruvian postal service "Serpost" is much better than its reputation. Receiving mail in Lima and sending it from Lima elsewhere is quite reliable, while outside the capital it's less dependable. Sending mail within Lima and from Lima to the rest of the world is quite reliable, even if exceptions confirm the rule. Outside the capital the postal service is unfortunately less consistent.

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Courier & Mail Services

Instead of depending on your national and Peru's postal service Serpost, especially when sending and receiving important documents, the standard courier services of course also have offices in Lima. The shipment of letters and parcels from Lima to any other country in the world is easy and trouble free, but rather expensive. A document to Europe or the US takes around four working days.

Courier Services...

Courier & Mail Services in Peru
Postal and Zip Codes for Lima & Callao

Zip Codes for Lima & Callao

At the end of February 2011 a new zip code system for whole Peru was introduced. While in the past only Lima and Callao had zip codes, now all cities and smaller settlements in the country are included in the new system. The new zip codes have 5 digits; the ones for Lima start with a 15, for Callao with 07. As the zip codes in Lima and Callao are no longer linked to the district, a search on the website of the Ministry of Transportation and Communication (MTC) is unavoidable.

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Peruvian Newspapers

In Lima a wide variety of newspapers is published. Around every corner you find a kiosk selling numerous dailies, well respected and reputable ones as well as lots of yellow press publications. Most newspapers have their own web page. Here you can either read the latest news or flick through a digital version of the latest edition. All Peruvian dailies are of course written in Spanish. For Peruvian news in English check out established web sites.

Peruvian Newspapers...

Peruvian Newspapers
Peruvian Radio Stations

Peruvian Radio Stations

Listening to the radio is a great way to improve your Spanish skills and get a feeling for the Peruvian music scene. Very popular here with young and old are Creole music, Cumbia, Salsa and Reggae; so quite a lot radio stations broadcast this music style. If you once in a while miss the good old Rock & Pop music in English, no worries, you won't be left out in the cold.

Radio Stations...


Interesting Facts:

  • 29.4% of Peruvians have a telephone (home)
  • 83.4 % of Peruvians have mobile phones (!)
  • 83.0% of Peruvians have a radio
  • 34.3% of Peruvians have Cable TV
  • 31.3% of Peruvians have a PC at home
  • 22.5% of Peruvians have internet (home)

For more interesting information check out our "Peru Facts" and "Lima Facts" pages.

TV Channels in Peru

TV Channels in Peru

For most of us television is an important must even when being on holidays. With the introduction of satellite and cable TV in Peru, we now can enjoy, depending on the provider, around 150 channels including HD transmissions; only very few are national programs, the rest include international TV channels (movie, news, documentary, entertainment...), mostly from the US that are broad-casted in Spanish and English and some other foreign language channels.

TV Channels...


Cellphones & Provider

If you want to bring your cell phone with you to Lima, make sure it works in Peru. To avoid frequency compatibility problems best have a GSM multi-band phone. While you can use your SIM card from home, be aware of high roaming charges. To avoid these fees, you can buy a quite inexpensive local pre-paid SIM card (incl. Internet, e-mail... for smart-phone users) directly at Jorge Chavez International Airport which you can exchange for your original one as long as you have an unlocked cell.

Cellphones & Provider...

Cellphones & Provider in Peru
WiFi Access in Peru

WiFi Access in Peru

State of the art technology didn't pass by Peru completely. In Lima you find numerous public places with free Wi-Fi. Some hotels and hostels as well as bigger shopping malls, a few cafes and restaurants, especially in Miraflores and San Isidro, also offer this service to their customers. All Starbucks have Wi-Fi, most are free, but at some places you are charged.

WiFi Access...


Internet Cafes in Peru

As many Peruvians don't have their own computer or Internet access, you can find Internet cafes around every corner in Lima. Size, equipment and speed differ from location to location. But all Internet cafes offer at least surfing the net and e-mailing, most national and international calls via Skype.

Internet Cafes...

Internet Cafes in Peru