Clothes district of Lima


Located in the heart of La Victoria is Gamarra, Lima's clothes district. Approx. 20,000 small to middle size shops are spread over 20 blocks. The main shopping area can be found at block 6 to 10 of Jiron Agustin Gamarra, which is closed for traffic and the surrounding smaller streets.

Gamarra combines a cluster of small stores with modern shopping malls. Here you can find literally everything regarding local and imported fabrics, Peruvian made clothing and accessory for sewing and needlework. Gamarra is a great place to buy casual wear, stunning evening gowns and everything in between for men, women and children. But unfortunately it's so big, for European and North American minds unorganized and crowded especially in the afternoons that it might take a while until you find the really good quality stuff.

Gamarra has been shaped up in the last years and watchmen are on duty the whole day. Anyhow we would recommend leaving all valuables at home and carry your money close to you. Opportunity makes a thief.

General Info

Street: area around Jr. Agustin Gamarra block 6 to 10
District: La Victoria
City: Lima
Region: Lima

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