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If you find LimaEasy useful or used information from it, you might like to consider making a donation. Running this site costs a significant amount of money for hosting, traffic & licenses. As LimaEasy is not a big corporation every single cent comes out of our own pocket!

Of course an easy approach to make money with a website is to flood it with advertising (mostly from the well-known Search Engines) but then as a visitor you keep on clicking away those annoying pop-ups or have to read "around" the ads with stuff completely unrelated to the information you're looking for.

Most likely you hate that as we do and that's the reason we have made it one of our main principals to not go that way. If you find "advertising" on LimaEasy it will be appropriated placed and totally related to the content.

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So, each donation - even when it is a small amount - helps us to keep this site running, up to date, further improve it and continue adding new information. Remember that the LimaEasy Project is for the most part only created and managed by a couple of dedicated people.

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Thank you very much!

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#Dmitry2015-12-29 02:40
Donation link does not work - "PayPal account has been closed"
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#Dmitry2015-12-29 02:44
Suggestion: start accepting bitcoin donations
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#Lima Easy2016-01-04 20:55
We now accept bitcoin donations (address is just under the PayPal link).
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