Wealth and Pride Coins - Arte Textil Paracas

Wealth and Pride Coins - Arte Textil ParacasWealth and Pride Coins - Arte Textil Paracas
14th Coin - Issued 12th of September 2013

Wealth and Pride Coins - Arte Textil Paracas
Wealth and Pride Coins - Arte Textil Paracas

Coin Front & Back

The 14th coin of the Wealth & Pride series has been put into circulation on the 12th of September 2013. The front shows a textile fragment with two anthropomorphic figures often used by the Paracas Culture. The Paracas Culture was an important pre-Inca civilization between around 600 BC and 200 AC that developed on the Paracas peninsula in present-day southern Peru.

The Paracas Culture is famous for their art work; especially their textiles are considered to be unique and a beautiful expression of this culture. Paracas textiles fascinate through their highly advanced weaving techniques that are combined with bright colors and beautiful designs.

The textiles were made from cotton and wool (alpaca, llama and vicuña) that were dyed with natural colors. Motifs include amazing geometrical ornaments, animals and anthropomorphic creatures.

Paracas Culture - Textile

Beautiful textile from the Paracas Culture

Paracas Culture - Textile

Anthropomorphic figure on a texile of the Paracas Culture

Paracas Culture - Textile

This textile of the Paracas culture impresses with its highly advanced weaving technique and its design

Paracas Culture - Textile

Colorful textile of the Paracas Culture

Paracas Culture - Funeral Bundle

Funeral bundle (fardo funerario) of the Paracas Culture. The deceased were put into a flat basket in a fetal position and then wrapped in numerous textiles.

Textiles played an important role in the Paracas society. They were used during religious ceremonies, but also represented status and wealth of its wearer. After death the Paracas buried their deceased wrapped in these beautiful textiles.

The back of the coin shows in the center part the Peruvian Coat of Arms surrounded by the writing Central Reserve Bank of Peru (Banco Central de Reserva del Perú) and the year of issue. This side of the coin is nearly identical to the previous issued S /. 1.00 coins that have been in circulation.


Value: 1 Nuevo Sol (New Sun)
Front Image: Textile fragment with typical images of the Paracas Culture
Back Image: Coat of Arms
Circulation Date: 12th of September 2013
Legal Tender: Yes
Size: 25.5 mm
Material: Nickel Silver
Color/s: Nickel Silver
Others: Maximum issue of 10,000,000 coins

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