1 Nuevo Sol Coin (since 2012)

1 Nuevo Sol Coin (since 2012)1 Nuevo Sol Coin (since 2012)

1 Nuevo Sol Coin (since 2012)
1 Nuevo Sol Coin (since 2012)

Coin Front & Back

On the 6th of August 2012 the Peruvian Central Reserve Bank issued a new 1 Sol coin. The front displays a branch with laurel leaves, Peru's country brand logo, the value of the coin (1 NUEVO SOL) and the logo of the National Mint on a geometrical design of vertical lines. The back presents the Coat of Arms of Peru and the writing "BANCO CENTRAL DE RESERVA PERU" (Central Reserve Bank of Peru). The new and old S/. 1 coin as well as the S/. 1 coins of the Wealth and Pride series circulate simultaneously and can be used in any transaction.

The Marca Peru

With significant changes in Peru over the past decade, a booming economy and increasing tourism it was time to re-brand Peru's image to the world. In 2011 not only a new logo, but also a huge advertising campaign was launched spreading Peru's new country brand around the world nand giving the country a new identity. The "Marca Pais Peru" (Peru's country brand) was created to promote the country nationally and internationally, showing Peru's beauties and opportunities. The new brand unifies the efforts in terms of tourism, exports and investments. At the same time it boosts the image of Peru in the areas of gastronomy, art and culture. 

Peru's country brand logo

Peru's country brand logo

Peru's promotion bus

Peru's promotion bus not only tours the country, but is on the road worldwide

Peru's country brand logo

Stationionary with Peru's country brand logo

The Peru cup

Emoliente out of a Peru cup tastes even twice as good

Peru's country brand logo

The Peru logo is literally everywhere ...

By now Peru's country brand logo can be found everywhere in Peru and worldwide; on all sorts of advertising material and merchandise like shirts, baseball caps, cups, pens, notebooks and envelopes, but as well on export goods (for example on fruit and veggie crates, clothes labels, ...), on stamps in Europe and Asia, on containers,... and now even on the most used coin in Peru.


Value: 1 Nuevo Sol Nuevos Soles (New Suns)
Front Image: Logo Marca Peru
Back Image: Peruvian Coat of Arms
Circulation Date: 2012
Legal Tender: Yes
Size: 25.5 mm
Material: Nickel Silver
Color/s: Nickel Silver

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