General Information about Lima

General Information about Lima

Lima is one of the most interesting and challenging cities in South America with a huge archaeological, historical and cultural past. Most of its treasures might be well hidden, but are worth being discovered. For many visitors Lima is just an unavoidable must; a sprawling, chaotic, dirty and ugly metropolis, the starting and ending point on their trip to more interesting and exciting gems Peru has to offer. But this assumption doesn't do justice to Lima.

Seeing Lima just as gateway into Peru and rushing through this amazing city you might miss a vital part of what is Peru today. Lima is worth to be seen as a destination for itself. Take your time to acclimatize yourself, look behind the sometimes chaotic, dirty, unpleasant and ugly exterior and discover the highlights the metropolis Lima has to offer. You might be pleasantly surprised.

The Districts of Lima

Lima is not just the name of the capital of Peru. The district of Lima where the historical city center is located is called Lima. The region around it is called Lima. And to make it a little bit more complicated, Lima is also the name of the Province, located in the Department of Lima. Today Lima forms the region 'Lima Metropolitana'. It is divided into 43 districts (distritos).

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The Districts of Lima
Lima Facts & Figures

Lima Facts & Figures

In this section you'll find general information about Lima, details about the specific geography, the weird climate, info's about the main problems of the city, education levels, transport & infrastructure, brief economy.

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Weather & Climate

Lima's weather and climate isn't what one would expect when travelling to a city located just 12° south of the equator. It's usually described as mild and warm throughout the year without noteworthy rain making Lima one of the driest capitals in the world. The average temperatures range from 12°C/54°F to 18°C/64°F (low) and 24°C/75°F to 28°C/82°F (high).

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Weather & Climate in Lima, Peru
The Lima Weather Station

Lima Weather Station

Since November 2010, LimaEasy operates a Meteorological Station (Weather Station) in Lima. As the city is famous for its micro-climates with completely different conditions between the inner and outer districts the weather data mostly available at the moment can be very misleading as it only represents an average for an area of more than 2700 km2.

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Microclimates in Lima

To make the weather and climate for foreigners a little bit more confusing, there isn't only one real established climate in Lima, especially in the winter months.

The cold Humboldt Current and the rise in elevation from sea level in the west to the spur of the Andes Mountains in the east create several micro-climates. There are big differences between the districts directly on the coast and those that are further away to the east.

History & Cultures

Lima History & Cultures

The first inhabitants, who settled in the Lima area already around 10.000 years ago, were fishermen, hunter and gatherers who slowly began to discover and develop agriculture. From today's Ancón in the north to Pucusana in the south and along the valleys of the three very important rivers (even for today's Lima) Chillón, Rimac and Lurín small settlements with very simple huts arose during 8000 BC and 6000 BC.

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Lima International Airport

The Jorge Chávez International Airport is located in Callao about 10 km (6 miles) from Lima's City Center. The airport is named after the Peruvian aviation icon Jorge Chávez Dartnell and definitely one of the most modern ones in Latin America. It was privatized in 2001 and is now managed by Lima Airport Partners (LAP), a joint venture of Alterra Lima Holdings Ltd. and Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide.

International Airport...

The Lima International Airport
Population Development

Population Development

Lima ranks as the 16th most populated city in the world. The population of Lima's 43 districts was counted at the last census in 2007 at 7,605,742 citizens living on an area of only 2672.2 km². Most of us just see these deterrent numbers, but never ask how the once so beautiful colonial City of the Kings could become such an uncontrolled grown metropolis.

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Safety & Security in Lima

Coming to Lima you have most probably heard or read good meant warnings about your safety. Once here even locals might warn you about dangers waiting for you at every corner. Actually most (not all) of these warnings are exaggerated and still reflect the conditions during the times of terror and lawlessness years ago. In the last decade the safety and security in Lima has improved immensely.

Safety & Security...

The Safety & Security situation in Lima
Feasts & Festivals in Lima

Feasts & Festivals in Lima

Peru is a country with numerous feast and festivals. Most are dedicated to honor and celebrate saints or important personalities and unfortunately aren't held in Lima. But still at least once a month you will find a special day to join a Peruvian feast or festival.

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International Parishes

Lima does not only have many historical churches to visit and admire, but also a lot of "normal" Houses of God, where the mainly catholic community can pray and live their religious life. These are quite often worth a visit. Even if your Spanish isn't perfect celebrating the Holy Mass especially on a religious day in one of these churches is amazing.

International Parishes...

International Parishes in Lima - Peru
Begging & Beggars in Lima

Begging & Beggars in Lima

Although the Municipality of Lima took great efforts to remove beggars from the streets, it's a common thing to see many of them hanging around; especially in the areas where tourist are. For many beggars this is the only way to gain at least some income. If you feel pity for these poor people, feel free to give them a Sol or two. Or if an old grandma wants to sell you some chewing gums or sweets, you can make her very happy by buying some.

Begging & Beggars

Lima, An Editors View

Lima - An Editors View

Lima today is no longer the wealthy, beautiful colonial settlement and most important city in the Americas like it used to be during colonial times; or the lovely capital of independent Peru with nice haciendas, fishing villages and lots of green surrounding it. Today Lima with its over 8 million inhabitants, shantytowns and sometimes tatty facades isn't attractive or seems to be inviting to its visitors.

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