Cinemas, Movie Theaters and Cineclubs in Lima

Cinemas, Cineclubs & Movie Theaters in Lima

Lima offers a lot for cinema fans. The bigger cinemas have several theaters all up to modern technical standards and really don't have to hide with their general equipment and facilities. Many new movies are shown quite fast in Lima's cinemas, often in their original language with Spanish subtitles. Movies for children and cartoons are mainly shown in Spanish.

Most cinemas offer special prices on Tuesday and / or Thursday, of course for children and retirees. To find out more about the actual program, starting times and prices, have a look at the cinema section of the daily newspaper "El Comercio".

After the listing of the bigger cinemas in Lima you find a few "Cine Clubs". Most of them quite often present very interesting and impressive movies otherwise not shown in Lima. A visit is worthwhile!

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41 results - showing 1 - 41