Star Peru Airline

Star Peru AirlineStar Peru Airline
National Airline with Offices in Lima

Star Peru Airline

Star Peru offers flights from Lima to Ayacucho, Chiclayo, Cusco, Huanuco, Iquitos, Puerto Maldonado, Pucallpa, Tarapoto, Trujillo and vice versa.

General Info

Street: Av. Comandante Espinar 331
District: Miraflores
City: Lima
Region: Lima
Phone: (+511) 705-9000 or 213-8813

Visitors Details

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 09.00 am to 06.45 pm
Opening Hours: Sat 09.00 am to 01.00 pm
Opening Hours: Airport Office 24 hours (located in the corridor, 1st floor)

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