Peru's capital celebrates its 479 anniversary

Founded on the 18th of January 1535 by Francisco Pizarro, Lima celebrates its 479th birthday tomorrow. There are many festivities and events around town, so get out and join the party.

Already today at 03.00 pm celebrations start at the Plaza de Armas in Lima's historic city center with the "Gran Serenata de Lima". The birthday serenade includes music, theater and dance performances, a parade, 3 D projections on the buildings surrounding Lima's main square and at 00.00 am big fireworks. The show ends at 01.00 am. Find below the program as published by the Municipality of Lima.

Local press reports that tomorrow Saturday the 18th of January at 06.30 am at Plaza de Armas there will be a 21-gun salute followed by the raising of the Peruvian flag and playing of the National anthem. At 10.00 am you can join the traditional mass and Te Deum at the Cathedral of Lima.

Additionally tomorrow the 8 "Parque Zonales" offer free entrance. The Parque Zonal Huayna Capac in San Juan de Miraflores for example has a puppet festival on the program at 02.00 pm as well as folkloric music performances. On the 19th the Parque Zonal Huiracocha presents theater and dance performances. And to end Lima's birthday celebrations head over to the Jockey Club (Hipodromo de Monterrico) where the Clasico Ciudad de Lima Race will take place.