Latest Earthquake in Peru

Latest Earthquake in PeruLatest Earthquake in Peru
The Most Recent Recorded Seismic Activity

Magnitude 4 Earthquake
Date: 14-10-2014
Time: 05:16 hours
Depth: 45 km
Region: 50 km southwest of Palpa (Ica)

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Peru is situated along the boundary of two tectonic plates: the Nazca Plate and the South American Plate. The interface between these two plates is located near the Peruvian coast. At a rate of about 60 mm per year the South American Plate is moving towards the Pacific Ocean over the Nazca Plate. That may not sound a lot but it is enough to put huge strain on the Earth's crust. The pressures are periodically released through earthquakes. The subduction of the Nazca Plate caused millions of years ago the rise of the Andes Mountains, the creation of the Peru-Chile Trench and the volcanism in the Peruvian highlands. Until today this process continues and causes a number of geodynamic processes.


#PATRICK LEROY2013-11-25 17:27
(5.8 Earthquake - 25-11-2013)
It started with a rubbling noise and continued more louder and shaking...first time experienced an earthquake it is not a pleasant feeling.
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#Rebel Angel2013-11-25 21:47
(5.8 Earthquake - 25-11-2013)
I am a new to Earthquakes as I am from 3.00 I was in my room watching a movie when the bed shook, the floor and the windows...I was scard as hell and panicked..I am in Callao La Perla not far from the Pacific...The event that took place today has still left me very nervous tonight..not a nice feeling in my stomach...
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#LimaEasy2013-11-25 23:38
This was a very harsh reminder of the power of nature. After living in Peru / Lima for some time you get quite used to the frequent “temblores”, but this was a different category. The risk of a tsunami following an earthquake is a hazard in the lower areas of Lima and Callao. Luckily this event today was not out in the ocean.

As a recommendation and advice it is important to familiarize yourself with the structure of the building you are living in, identify weak “points” and more important find strong “points” like staircases or elevator shafts as a secure area. Also if in an area where a tsunami might be risk, plan an evacuation route (have always a bag ready with things like a bottle of drinking water, flash-light…).
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#Angel2013-11-26 11:42
Thank you for a response to my letter. I live on the 3rd floor of the house..I know the construction is special with rods for the houses and the roads..but it was the feeling of movement and vibration that scard me the most...I have been in Tornado on May 31st 1985 in Barrie Ontario Canada, survived bad snow storms and all that one can feel and see in Canada...But yesterday I felt so vulnerable with a force I have never known..Of course the locals who grew up with tremors and quakes laughed at me...Here in Callao there is hardly never rain and certainly not thunderstorms...that would scare the heck out of the locals here...Hoping one day they will undetstand what it is like to be afraid. Also there is no warning of pending quakes to alert ppl...that would be much better to be prepared for...
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#LimaEasy2014-04-01 20:08
!Warning! - Earthquake 8.3 - 18:46 hours

A tsunami warning has been issued for the southern coasts of Peru and the evacuation for certain areas ordered (coasts of Arequipa, Ica, Tacna and Moquegua)!!!

Due to the force of the earthquake a tsunami might be expected at around 21:15 hours (local time Peru).

Tsunami Warning!
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#LimaEasy2014-04-01 21:55

As a big relieve at 20:45 hours (local time) a wave of only 20 cm reached the Peruvian coasts. No damages have been reported...
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#LimaEasy2014-04-01 23:51
2. Update (23:47 hours)

We have received reports that there have been 5 casualties in the affected areas in Chile. In the south of Peru (border region with Chile) some roads have been damaged. Detailed assessment of further damages to infrastructure will be only available in the morning.
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#Julian2014-06-03 16:53
(5.0 Earthquake - 03-06-2014)

The earthquake was felt heavily in Lima. All windows and doors were shaking.
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#Julian2014-06-03 17:17

Earthquake was upgraded from 5.0 to 5.4
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#Julian2014-08-24 18:54
(6.1 Earthquake - 24-08-2014)
Earthquake was felt slightly in Lima. The windows were somewhat shaking.
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#Jake2015-07-28 20:20
Would be nice to see an update on these Earthquake listings. Also there used to be a map right next to the info on this page, what happened to it?
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