Mail Services & Courier Services in Lima, Peru

Courier & Mail Services in Lima, Peru

Instead of depending on your national and Peru's postal service Serpost, especially when sending and receiving important documents, the standard courier services of course also have offices in Lima. The shipment of letters and parcels from Lima to any other country in the world is easy and trouble free, but rather expensive. A document to Europe or the US takes around four working days.

Receiving simple document envelopes is also unproblematic. They are normally delivered to your door step without delays. But different sources reported often unsolvable problems with unjustified and high import taxes and suddenly appearing additional fees requested from the various courier services, when receiving mail containing anything else than a document or a piece of paper. So if sending a "care package" to your loved ones to Peru, either be prepared that the receiver has to pay extra duties or delivery charges (even if stated otherwise in your home country) or better send it as certified mail with the normal postal service.

The following listing of international courier services are represented in Lima.