Potatoes were domesticated as early as 10,000 years ago in the High Andes of southeastern Peru and northwestern Bolivia. In the course of the centuries the Papa developed to be an important staple food and a main energy source for early Peruvian cultures. The potato was next to the corn and the quinua one of the three main staple foods of the Incas and important for feeding the Spanish conquerors. Today you can find more than 3800 varieties of potatoes in Peru. They differ in size, shape, color, skin, pulp, texture and of cause taste, but all have their place and play a vital role in the Peruvian cuisine.

Due to the importance of the potato for Peru, we have dedicated an entire section to it with a great overview of the variety that can be found in the local markets, supermarkets and most Peruvian dishes: Different Types of Potatoes in Peru

Selection of Peruvian Potatoes

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