Mashua (Masho–Añu)

Mashua (Masho–Añu)Mashua (Masho–Añu)

Mashua (Masho–Añu)
Mashua (Masho–Añu)

Mashua, also known as añu, is a root vegetable indigenous to the Andean highlands and cultivated since ancient times. The tubers vary in size and shape. Mashua can be white or yellow; some varieties are even red or purple on the outside. Consumed raw Mashua has a peppery flavor that disappears when cooked. Mashua tubers are eaten boiled, baked, roasted, in soups and stews or soaked in molasses and honey to obtain a delicious treat.

In Peruvian natural medicine Mashua is used as diuretic, anti-aphrodisiac and insecticidal. It's also believed to have antibiotic properties.

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