Public Holidays in Lima - Peru

Public Holidays in Lima - PeruPublic Holidays in Lima - Peru
For the Years 2012 to 2018

The Peruvian Public Holidays are a very interesting mixture between the common internationally known and celebrated days (like New Year, Easter and Christmas), many Christian Holidays worshipping different Saints and also occurrences of military importance in the past like the famous Battle of Angamos (from 1879) and of course the "Fiestas Patrias" with two days dedicated to the celebration of the announcement of independence of Peru on the 28th of July 1821 by Jose de San Martin.

Fiestas Patrias - Peru's National Day

Happy National Day, Peru!

Military Parade - Fiestas Patrias

Military Parade in the course of the celebretions of Peru's National Day

Church of Saint Rose

Church of Saint Rose

Saint Rose of Lima

Saint Rose of Lima

Church of Saint Rose

Beautiful garden belonging to the church and sanctuary of Saint Rose

Please have a look at our Feasts & Festivals in Lima page for more information on festivities in Lima.

Apart from the below mentioned official days, there are many more local celebrations in different regions and cities of Peru with some sort of "Public Holiday" character – Many times a good excuse for escaping school and work...

Public Holidays in Peru for 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017

 Holiday  2014  2015  2016  2017 
New Years Day01/01/201401/01/201501/01/201601/01/2017
Maundy Thursday17/04/201302/04/201524/03/201613/04/2017
Good Friday18/04/201403/04/201525/03/201614/04/2017
Labour Day01/05/201401/05/201501/05/201601/05/2017
Saint Peter & Saint Paul29/06/201429/06/201529/06/201629/06/2017
Peruvian Independance Day28/07/201428/07/201528/07/201628/07/2017
Peruvian Independance Day29/07/201429/07/201529/07/201629/07/2017
Saint Rose of Lima30/08/201430/08/201530/08/201630/08/2017
Battle of Angamos08/10/201408/10/201508/10/201608/10/2017
All Saints Day01/11/201401/11/201501/11/201601/11/2017
Immaculate Conception08/12/201408/12/201508/12/201608/12/2017


#karen d hardings2014-08-24 22:17
when are the school holidays for 2015 in lima peru
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#Eva - Editor2014-08-25 08:49
Actually school holidays in Lima depend on the school. At the beginning of each school year the school announces the holidays. Generally speaking the school year starts at the beginning of March and ends around mid-December. Summer vacations are from mid-December to the end of February. Most schools have 1 week off at the beginning of May, 2 or 3 weeks holidays in July / August around Peru's Independence Day and another week in October.
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#chandrachani2014-12-13 10:53
Dear Eva,

I am plannying to apply for a tourist visa for Penu, as being an indian I need a visa for entering to Peru but I live in Rio de janiero. I wanted to know what are holidays in December, in the consulate of Peru, Rio de Janiero, is it the same shown above or not?
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