In the continuous fight against counterfeit bills, the Peruvian National Bank issued a "new" S /. 100 banknote (circulation started on the 18th of December 2013). However, the only visible change is the vertical "100" value which is now finer in details and printed like on the previous bills with OVI technology (OVI = Optically Variable Ink).

New Security Feature on the Peruvian S/. 100 Banknote

When shifting the banknote the colour of the number "100" changes from green to blue (see below images). Also visible should be a "ray of light" crossing the number.

New S/. 100 Nuevos Soles banknote

New Peruvian S/. 100 Nuevos Soles banknote - Changed Security Feature

The previous issued banknotes remain legal tender...

A detailed description of the images on the banknote and all other security features can be read here.