Association of Capital Markets Business Promoters


The Association of Capital Markets Business Promoters (Procapitales) brings together the principal actors in the market, channelling their concerns and proposals. It acts as a business guild to focus fundamentally on promoting investment and capital markets. Procapitales speaks on behalf of its associates to the public sectors with proposals to reduce legal costs and bureaucratic barriers that hinder easy market access. The institution's principal objective is to encourage an efficient legal framework and appropriate corporate governance practices.

Objectives of Procapitales

  • Promote the development of new investment instruments.
  • Encourage access by new issuers of fixed-income and equity securities .
  • Promote the mobilization of institutional investor resources through new intermediary vehicles.
  • Actively promote improvements in legislation and the regulation of the capital market.
  • Publicize and encourage the implementation of good corporate governance practices.
  • Create a permanent, proactive, and organized space for dialogue and interaction between agents in the market, including the regulatory and supervisory institutions.
  • Contribute to the institutional strengthening of agents participating in the capital market.

General Info

Street: Las Camelias 820
Info: Office 601 (6th floor)
District: San Isidro
City: Lima
Postal Code (ZIP): Lima 27
Region: Lima
Phone: (+511) 440-1080

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