National Institute of Statistics - INEI

National Institute of Statistics - INEINational Institute of Statistics - INEI
Instituto Nacional de Estadistica e Informatica

National Institute of Statistics - INEI

The INEI is the entity responsible for producing and disseminating the official statistical information that the country needs with the quality, timeliness, and coverage required, in order to contribute to the design, monitoring, and evaluation of public policies and the decision-making process of socio-economic agents, the public sector, and the community in general.

Its main duties include:

  • Formulating and evaluating the National Statistics Policy and Plan, as well as coordinating and orienting the formulation and evaluation of sectoral, regional, local, and institutional plans.
  • Coordinating and/or carrying out the production of basic statistics through censuses, sample-based surveys, and administrative records on the public sector, as well as keeping census maps up-to-date.
  • Entering into agreements on technical assistance, specialized training, and the provision of statistic-related services.
  • Regulating, orienting, and evaluating the organization of the Statistic Offices of the National Statistics System, as well as promoting the creation of Statistic Offices.
  • Coordinating, providing opinions, and supporting national and international projects for the provision of financial technical assistance required in matters of statistics by the entities of the National Statistics System at all levels.
  • Safeguarding the confidentiality of the information produced by the entities of the system.

General Info

Street: Av. General Garzon 654 - 658
District: Jesus Maria
City: Lima
Region: Lima
Phone: (+511) 652-0000

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