Agency of the Promotion of Investment - ProInversion

Agency of the Promotion of Investment - ProInversionAgency of the Promotion of Investment - ProInversion
Agencia de Promocion de la Inversion Privada

Agency of the Promotion of Investment - ProInversion

ProInversión is a public entity attached to the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) and is in charge of executing the national policy for promoting private investment. Its mission is to promote investment via agents in the private sector, in order to boost Peru's competitiveness and sustainable development and thus improve the well-being of the population. In turn, its vision is to be recognized by investors and the population as an "efficient and strategic ally in the development of investment in Peru".

ProInversión provides information to potential investors regarding the incorporation of a business in Peru, identifying investment opportunities by sectors, learning about the processes of public-private partnerships, among others. ProInversión offers its services for investments in Peru free of charge, in three stages:


  • General information service: macroeconomic data, legal framework, tax system, etc.
  • Specific information service, at the request of the potential investor.
  • Preparation of agendas with: potential partners, suppliers, clients, authorities, associations, unions, etc.


  • Guidance on obtaining municipal permits and licenses for the establishment of an industrial or commercial business.
  • Contact and accompaniment to the regions and potential production zones.
  • Advisory on migratory processes for entry and residence of business people.


  • Establishment of a network of contacts with public and private companies.
  • Guidance for the expansion of the business.
  • Identification of administrative barriers.

General Info

Street: Av. Canaval Moreyra 150, 9th floor
District: San Isidro
City: Lima
Region: Lima
Phone: (+511) 200-1200

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